Direct Marketing

Take the direct approach

It all boils down to return on investment.

Direct mail marketing works, but it was always difficult to pin down exactly where and how it turns a prospect into a customer. The mass marketing campaigns of old were susceptible to mishandling, misunderstanding, and plain old mismanagement.

Not now. Direct marketing is an art, refined through the use of new technology, new skills and new data management techniques that take advantage of everyone’s desire to be treated as an individual.

And there lies our real skill. Future Sources understands and uses those new techniques and technologies to send your message precisely where you want it to go, to the people you want to read it, to maximise your return on investment. We can help you tell your story to customers personally, as you want to tell it.

We have the technology. We have the skills. We have the desire to make your direct mail campaign work as you planned. We can deliver your message with pinpoint accuracy, and do it transparently — you will know where, how, why, your direct mail campaign works.

Direct from you to your customer. One on one. We make it happen for you — so you save time, cut costs and hit your ROI $ targets.

Your care is our job. Your success is our reward.

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