FS Loop

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The FS Loop

In the past your direct mail campaigns have cost you a lot of money, and have probably ended up being thrown out before they are read.
Future Sources unique Loop system:

  • Database Management – Subscriptions and Renewals
  • Print on Demand – Magazines, Flysheets, Inserts
  • Mail Assembly – Inserts, Plastic Wraps
  • Distribution – Onsite Post Distributions
  • Returns – Database cleaning and updating
  • Return database to you

It’s why Australia’s biggest publishers and retailers use Future Sources for their Direct Marketing.

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Turn the page on distribution

All publishers want their magazines and journals delivered on time, on budget. It’s a fundamental part of the agreement between publisher and reader.

But prompt delivery is just one facet of effective fulfilment. It is this point of direct contact between publisher and reader that can be turned into a much more engaging communication — for your benefit and theirs.

You can use this point of contact — this moment — to offer new subscriptions, renewals, special offers, subscriber benefits and prizes. It’s also invaluable for gathering client information, improving relationships and generating reader loyalty.

Future Sources has taken mail and distribution to another level with a unique loop system which encompasses printing and fulfilment services that build on your titles’ popularity and provide you with more effective ways to speak to your client base — personalised flysheets and inserts, eye-catching plastic wraps and handling returns.

The loop is completed with the return of client information and leads from our database management services, through meticulous database updating and cleaning. Your data integrity is maintained.

This is your chance to send more than a magazine. Send a message and start a conversation with your readers. Turn a new page in customer satisfaction.

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